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  • vLPAR:
    Introduction to Virtual Logical Partition Automated Robot (html)
  • BC:
    Business Continuity Concepts and Methodology (html) (slideshare) (slideshare)
  • NIM:
    Network Installation Manager Server Design (html)
  • PLM:
    Partition Load Manager Server Design (html)
  • HACMP:
    High Availability Clustered Multi-Processing (html)
  • SLA:
    Service Level Agreements by Mt Xia (html) (slideshare)
  • WLM:
    AIX Workload Manager Design by Mt Xia (html)
  • Storage:
    Storage Design for Business Continuity by Mt Xia (html)
  • VC:
    Venture Capital Investors Presentation Template (html)
  • BIA:
    Business Impact Analysis Outline by Mt Xia (html) (slideshare)
  • Swoopmail:
    Business Class Collaboration Suite: Email/Calendaring/Scheduling/Custom Apps (slideshare)