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It has been observed in numerous IT departments that non-technical IT management personnel typically cling to some useless methodology to limit the activities of their technology experts to a level that non-technical personnel can understand. An example is the KISS principle, which stands for "Keep It Simple, Stupid".

Everywhere a concept such as KISS is applied, it is by non-technical IT managers who have no concept of the advanced capabilities in todays virtualized environments. They attempt to restrict the usage of these advanced technologies simply because they do not understand them. The result is the organization suffers because the IT department can no longer provide competitive systems under the restrictions of the KISS principle or similar concepts. Very large organizations have literally gone bankrupt because of non-technical IT managers restricting the implementation of advanced technologies using this type of logic.

There is a reason advanced technologies exist and are introduced into technical environments, they reduce costs, time, and effort. They also improve availability, recoverability, and stability. Implementing, supporting, and maintaining these advanced technologies typically require advanced technical experts. Avoiding these technologies simply because they are advanced and complex, is a fast-track to putting your organization out of business. Your competitors are certainly looking for any advantage to take over your market share, and they will not hesitate to implement advanced complicated technologies to accomplish this goal. But regardless of whether you or your competitors implement these advanced technologies, it will require advanced technical experts to implment, support, and manage them. But in the end, it will save your organization money to embrace advanced technology concepts. Attempting to restrict advanced technology and concepts is a losing position and will put your organization out of business.