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AIX Hosting and Leasing In the Cloud

Daily / Weekly / Monthly Hosting and Leasing of AIX

Lease an AIX system for software development, testing, training, disaster recovery, etc. Lease by the Day, Week, Month, or longer.

Automated Deployment of AIX

Your AIX system is automatically built new at the time you place the order.

Self-Service Web Interface

Easy to use self-service web interface that is oriented around non-technical parameters. Select the number of CPU, Amount of Memory, and Amount of Storage, that is all the user needs to enter to get their own AIX system.

One Hour Deployment of AIX

You will receive your connection information for your own private AIX system in about one hour from the time your order is placed.

Cloud Based AIX with "root" access

You will have full "root" access to your cloud based AIX system to install, configure, and administer the system however you need.

No Contracts or Long Term Commitments

NO CONTRACTS - lease only for the time you need.

Site Ox Data Centers has expanded their cloud services to include self-service automated deployment of IBM AIX as part of their short term leasing capabilities. Customers may lease AIX on a daily / weekly / or monthly basis thru this self service interface.

Automated Deployment FREE DEMO:

See the automated Unix deployment demo at Site Ox and use all the features and functions of the automated deployment environment.

Site Ox Data Centers: AIX Hosting, Leasing, Colocation

AIX Services in the Cloud


Fortunately, your organization has access to world class AIX talent and facilities to move your organization into the cloud and ahead of your competition.

EVERY one of our AIX Consultants has decades of AIX experience, decades of data center management experience, and decades of business management experience. We save you time and money because we have done it all before, MANY TIMES, for multiple world wide organizations.

Contact us for information, support, AIX hosting/colocation, and data center facilities for your IBM AIX environments.

Let us provide hosting, system administration, and Advanced Technical Expert support for your AIX environments at a fraction of the cost you are paying now, and do it all in the cloud.

We Perform Short Term Project Work

If you only need some Advanced AIX Administration assistance for a short term project, please give me a call. We perform project work for companies world wide at very inexpensive rates.

We fill-in for vacationing or vacant AIX Administration roles

If you need an AIX administrator for a vacationing employee, or for a vacant AIX position you are attempting to fill, please call us. We will provide an Advanced AIX Administrator to fill-in for this role.

We will participate in your Disaster Recovery Implementation or Test Exercises as emergency AIX Administrators

If you have a disaster and require additional AIX administrators, call us, we can be on-site in a matter of hours, or work remotely within minutes. If your Disaster Recovery Test Exercise requires using AIX administrators who are not familiar with your specific environment, call us. We can provide multiple Advanced AIX Experts for your DR test exercises.


Mr French's primary focus is business continuity, disaster recovery, high availability (HACMP, PowerHA), virtualization (VIO,APV,PowerVM), data center migration, and data center automation (vLPAR) in large IBM AIX data center environments. He consults with many of the worlds largest organizations regarding data center automation, data center and server consolidation, business function consolidation and outsourcing, and a variety of other cost saving techniques.

NEW BOOK: Advanced Shell Script Programming for Business Continuity and Data Center Automation - Part 1: The Template

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Are IT Shops Getting Dumber?

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